Work in Progress

So you know how when some people are doing updates in their home, they do one at a time?  Well, that’s apparently not how we do it in the BUB household.  Nope, a million projects at once for us.
Here’s what we have in progress:
Master bathroom:  New tile throughout and new paint in the commode area.
Still left to do:  Texture over the wallpaper in the main bathroom area and paint.
Living areas:  Carpet ripped out, leveling compound put down.
Still left to do: Install wood flooring (to be completed this week).
Dining area:  All of the living room furniture is relocated here.
Still left to do: Rip out carpet, apply leveling compound, install wood flooring (to be completed this week).
Skeeter’s nursery: Paint in progress (Color: Valspar Pink Wink)
Still left to do:  Finish painting, hang wall decor (to be completed this week).
I’ll be honest…Mr. BUB and the contractors have done most of this work.  Although, I did help Mr. BUB replace the toilet in the bathroom.  And then I was fired as his assistant.  But I made cookies, so I think I’ve redeemed myself…