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Where I’ve Been…

I know it may not seem this way by taking a look at my blog, but I’ve been super busy lately!
Here’s where I’ve been: The Surprising Treatment I Received While Pumping on Jury Duty
This post was a lot of fun to write.  I was especially excited to contribute to such a huge site!  And I was shocked when this post was featured in their email newsletter.
Houston Moms Blog- Sugar Free Valentine’s Goodie Bags
I’m sharing the Valentine’s goodie bags Skeeter is giving her friends soon!  I managed to keep it fun, yet sugar free!  Because toddlers don’t need sugar.  But I do! The 4 Best Things You Can Do to Help a NICU Mommy
I’m sharing my tips for helping a NICU mommy.  If you have a friend or family member with a little one in NICU, this post is a must read!
With all this going on, I’ve been pulled away from my regular BUB blogging!  I’m thinking about doing a Vlog soon since I now have a laptop that will do it.  What do you want me to discuss?