House Wednesday

What I’m Loving…

Today’s post is all of the things I’m loving about our new house!
I’m loving…the gorgeous leather recliner Mr. BUB scored for FREE!
I’m loving…this beautiful mantel.  I seriously cannot WAIT to start decorating it.
I’m loving…the neighbors!  We had one come over and mow the yard without saying a word, because he was “sure we hadn’t moved the lawn mower yet.”  And the teenage boy next door has also volunteered his services!
I’m loving…that the door to Skeeter’s bedroom doesn’t squeak, so I can totally sneak in a watch her sleep.
I’m loving…the number of dinners we’ve had at my parents’ house while we’re still moving kitchen supplies.  Family time is great!
I’m loving…being able to load Skeeter in the stroller and take a 5 minute walk to the park.
I’m loving…Apple Ale.  Okay, I know that’s not technically home related, but I discovered it after the move and it’s yummy!