What ARE you?!

Friday morning started off like normal…
I got up, fed the cats, let the dogs out, and ate my breakfast.
At some point, I also let one of the cats, Grayson, out.
When I brought the animals back in, I saw Grayson drop something at my feet.  I decided to deal with it after I cleaned the dogs’ paws and let them inside the house.  Upon a quick inspection, I determined it was a really, really large spider.  Policy in the BUB household is that I handle spiders, so I retrieved Mr. BUB’s work boot, and edged closer to the creature…that’s when I noticed its claws.
I jumped back and squealed, “Oh my gosh, what ARE you?!
This was immediately followed by, “Grayson, why would you do this to me?!
Grayson responded by picking up the creature and taking it under the sofa.  At this point, I decided I needed backup.
I went to the bedroom, and gently woke Mr. BUB.  He looked at the clock and groaned, “I still have 20 minutes before my alarm goes off.
Yes, but I think Grayson brought a crawdad in the house.
This is met with laughter.
Babe, I am so not equipped to handle this.

Is it moving?


So, he got out of bed and I followed him to the living room to show him where Grayson had taken it under the sofa.  Instead, I spotted it in the middle of the living room floor.
Again, I squealed, “Ahhh, it’s over there!!!
Mr. BUB said, “Is that a scorpion?”
{It was at this point that I started packing our bags.  There is no way I will live in a house that once had a scorpion in it.}
After getting closer, he said “Nope, you’re right, it’s a baby crawdad.
{I breathed a sigh of relief.  Relocation while pregnant would just be a pain.}
He calmly picked the little guy up and relocated him to the outdoors.
Grayson then came to me and started rubbing on my legs.  I assured him that despite this whole incident, he wasn’t in trouble, for the following reasons:
1.  This is his baby picture.  You can’t be mad at that face.  It’s just not possible.
2.  He once killed a snake that got in the house.  That equals a lifetime of Get Out Of Jail Free cards in my book.