Toddler What To Expect

The Sour Patch Kid Phase

We’re all familiar with Sour Patch Kids — the candies that are first sour, then turn sweet. We’re even more familiar with the Sour Patch Kids commercials on TV, particularly the one where the life-size candy cuts off a young girl’s hair (the sour phase), then apologetically hugs the girl (the sweet phase). When these …

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{According to Skeeter} Mommy & Daddy

I think life is so much fun now that Skeeter is able to talk and share what’s going on in her little toddler mind.  She makes us laugh every day with something new she’s come up with. Last week, Skeeter and I were at the doctor’s office for her ear infection.  While waiting for the …

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Beach Toddler

Toddler Beach Must Haves

Well, we survived a toddler weekend beach trip! We had Skeeter and her cousin Tater in tow. Yes, we really call him Tater.  Story for another day. This is the first trip Skeeter and Tater were old enough to really play together and it was so much fun to watch them interact with one another. …

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