Beach Toddler

Toddler Beach Must Haves

Well, we survived a toddler weekend beach trip!
We had Skeeter and her cousin Tater in tow.
Yes, we really call him Tater.  Story for another day.
This is the first trip Skeeter and Tater were old enough to really play together and it was so much fun to watch them interact with one another.
I was really nervous about keeping Skeeter happy while we spent the days at the beach.  My FIL always sets up tents to keep the adults out of the sun all day, so we utilized those.  But there were a few items that were just for the toddlers…
Toddler Beach Needs

1.  Baby Powder- I saw this on Pinterest and a couple of you recommended it.  I was SO shocked that it works.  Now, Skeeter did get covered in sand so it took a little longer than I would’ve liked to clean her off, but it does work.

2.  Baby wipes- The baby powder does need to be wiped off after it removes the sand.  These were also handy for wiping hands for snack time.

3.  Snackage- Everyone gets hungry at the beach.  Toddlers are no exception- and they’re quite cranky when hungry.  We kept graham crackers, Goldfish crackers, and squeezables on hand for the little ones.

4.  Toddler beach chairs- My FIL found these adorable, toddler chairs for Tater & Skeeter and they were a huge hit!  Skeeter loved sitting in hers- and she even stood up from it to take steps a few times!

5.  Beach toys- This is a no-brainer.  They loved knocking down sand castles as I built them.

6.  Jogging stroller- I brought our jogging stroller along, because I wasn’t worried about it getting sandy like I would our other strollers.  This was the perfect place for Skeeter to nap during the day.  She was able to catch a good breeze, lay out, and stay completely shaded.

Runner ups:

1.  Rash guard swimsuit- I originally bought her cute little frilly swimsuits for Skeeter.  But after our beach trial run, I was terrified her alabaster skin would burn, so I invested in a couple of these suits.  They were worth every penny.

2.  Coppertone Sunscreen- I apply sunscreen on myself and Skeeter no matter what we’re doing.  Coppertone has worked best for us lately.

Disclaimer:  These are just items that work for me and my family.  I urge you to do your own research and decide what works best for you.