Family Holiday Pregnancy

The day I gave my brother a complex.

I am the oldest of four children.
Two girls, two boys.
And I firmly believe it is my job to give them all a hard time.
It builds character.
That’s what the oldest child is for.
One of my brothers is your typical teenage kid.
His interests include:
Working out.
Showing off his muscles.
Over the holiday, he was flaunting his muscles, as usual.
I playfully punched his stomach.
He responded with, “Oh I’m sorry.  Did my abs hurt your hand?”
I couldn’t pass the opportunity.
“Oh, you think your stomach is hard?  Try mine.”
He laughed, thinking that a pregnant stomach is squishy.
It’s not.
“Holy cow!  Are you flexing?!”
“Nope.  I bet my stomach is harder than yours.”
“No way.”
“Family vote?”
The pregnant belly won by unanimous vote.
And my brother hasn’t left the gym since.