Blog Swap


I joined in with some of my blog/IRL friends for…


I was paired with the hilarious Katie from The Nerdy Katie.  She actually dropped my goods off in person!  Now, that’s service, y’all.
Mr. BUB was super excited about the goodies and insisted upon posing with my swap goods.  Then he ate some of them.  But I forgave him, because he smoked some amazing brisket earlier that day.  And I ate that.
What you should take away from this picture:
1.  Mr. BUB likes camo.  Alot.
2.  He’s sporting his Skeeter hat.
3.  He set up a bag chair in our living room so he could play COD.  We’re classy.
4.  Katie is awesome for all the goodies she sent me!!!
Thank you Katie!!!