Husband Love Story


So I received an official complaint about my blog.
I have to give it to him, though- it wasn’t anonymous.
Not at all.
It was actually Mr. BUB.
Boo Mr. BUB.
Okay, so he was kinda right.
He said that I haven’t been writing much lately.  My posts have been fluffy.
So I, BUB, AKA Heather, AKA Mrs. Mr. BUB, hereby promise to do better.
And to start off on the right foot, I’m sharing a story about Mr. BUB.
Not because I hold a grudge against his complaint.
No, not me.
Just because I like to tell stories about him.
Plus, someone asked how we met.

I transferred to Houston Baptist in 2004 recently single.  I joined a sorority & dated my fair share of guys, but nothing serious.  I’d seen Mr. BUB around campus many times.  He was 6’9″ and the basketball star- couldn’t really miss him.  But since he was often with a different girl each siting, I never showed any interest in him.  I was far too busy for a womanizer.

Spring semester came around and I started the day just like any other- hit the gym, and returned to my apartment for a quick shower before class.  Like any good sorority girl, I had applied my makeup before the gym, so the shower left mascara running down my face in a very creepy way.

No one was ever home at this time, so I grabbed a towel, wrapped it around me, and walked through the living area to my bedroom.  Except, this time, someone was home.

My roommate still swears to this day that she knocked on the bathroom door and informed me of her presence.  I still don’t believe her.

Because sitting in my living room, staring at me like I was a character straight out of the movie The Ring, were Mr. BUB & another one of the basketball players.

to be continued…