Sometimes… I want Skeeter to forever stay a tiny baby.

Always… I’m so excited to watch her grow and learn.

Sometimes… I want to spend the entire weekend on the couch.

Always… I’m glad when I get some relaxation.

Sometimes…I want to strangle Mr. BUB.

Always…I love him.

Sometimes…I feel drawn to the Humane Society kennel when I’m driving by after work.

Always…I know Mr. BUB will kill me for showing up with another furbaby…again.

Sometimes…I’m glad to have structure in my day by being back at work.

Always…I wish I could stay home.

Sometimes…I picture myself being June Cleaver with a super clean house if I stayed home.

Always…I know I would cuddle the baby on the couch while yelling ” You are not the father!” at Maury on TV.

Sometimes…The neighbor cat glares at me when I get home.

Always…I laugh out loud when I remember the reason why.