Siri Fail.

So I finally switched to the iPhone 5S last week!  Having used a Droid for the past 2 years, it took some adjusting switching back to Apple.  I was really excited to give Siri a try!
I won’t lie- it took me a few minutes to figure out where Siri was hidden on my phone, but I finally found her.  I have seen all of my friends as Siri questions and get snarky or sarcastic answers so I thought very carefully about what I should ask her first…Then it came to me.
Siri, ask JJ Watt to be my boyfriend.
Little did I know, Siri would instead text my realtor, also named JJ.
Siri 1  Heather 0
Does it feel a little awkward in here to y’all?  Or is it just me?