Real Life With the BUBs

Mr. BUB and I have now been together almost 7 years.  And yet, he’s still surprised when my clean clothes lay in a pile on the closet floor.  Or on the bedroom floor…or on top of my dresser.
Either way, my mess led to this conversastion:
Mr. BUB:  You are by far the messiest person I’ve ever lived with.  And I’ve only lived with guys!
Me:  Ha.
Mr. BUB:  You are the sexiest though.
Me:  Well, I’d hope so!
Mr. BUB:  Well, maybe except Pablo.
Me:  Actually, I understand that.  He’s really hot.
Mr. BUB:  Yeah, he’s got the whole Chilean thing going on.
Me:  Very true.
In other news, anyone want to come clean my room?