Hi, my name is Heather and I’m a newly re-addicted iPhone addict.  Isn’t she purdy?     Unfortunately, she took a little while to come in and in the meantime I faced some behavioral issues with my Droid in the meantime. The problem is that ever since I ordered the […]

So I finally switched to the iPhone 5S last week!  Having used a Droid for the past 2 years, it took some adjusting switching back to Apple.  I was really excited to give Siri a try! I won’t lie- it took me a few minutes to figure out where Siri […]

Oh, hi there.  Don’t mind me.  I’m just buried under moving boxes.  The good news?  We’re finally DONE moving!  The old house has been closed on and everything is at the new house.  The bad news?  There is still SO much organizing to do. I have a garage sale planned […]

Notice something different? A little pinker? A little more awesome? If not, you should click over from Google Reader. Do it. Do it now. My awesome friend Meg gave my little ol blog a facelift! Isn’t she purdy? And oh-so talented! Thank you Meg!!! PS I made a few changes […]

Sometimes… I want Skeeter to forever stay a tiny baby. Always… I’m so excited to watch her grow and learn. Sometimes… I want to spend the entire weekend on the couch. Always… I’m glad when I get some relaxation. Sometimes…I want to strangle Mr. BUB. Always…I love him. Sometimes…I feel drawn to the Humane […]

{Cuddling} Mr. BUB:  You never cuddle me. Me:  I could cuddle you now. Mr. BUB:  Yeah right. Me:  No, I could. Mr. BUB:  Okay! Me:  …are you coming over here? Mr. BUB:  No, you have to be big spoon. Me:  No, YOU have to be big spoon. Mr. BUB:  Ugh.  Fine. […]

Everyone has fears. But I’m not talking about the boogeyman. Or emotional stuff. I’m talking about the every day stuff. Here are mine: Roaches.  Ugh, I hate even typing the word.  They’re so disgusting.  When Hurricane Ike hit a few years back, my apartment became infested with them.  It was […]

Not only is Tara a good friend of mine, she’s also the reason I started blogging. And she was a huge help when I started this little blog. So, I’m all for this drive to get her to 1000 followers. No one deserves it more. Plus, I want a unicorn.