Product Review

{Product Review} Uncommon Goods

I received an item from Uncommon Goods in return for my honest, unbiased review.  I received no compensation for this post, monetary or otherwise.
Last week, I mentioned a company had asked me to review an Aquafarm.  Mr. BUB said I couldn’t review anything that could possibly die, so I had to decline.  But if you don’t have a husband who likes to ruin all the fun…or, you know, a 20 lb cat that would LOVE the fish in the Aquafarm, you should check it out here.
While I had to decline the Aquafarm, Uncommon Goods was so kind as to send out a Hummingbird Feeder.  Skeeter and I love watching birds at the feeder while we eat breakfast, so seeing a hummingbird would be a huge hit in the BUB household.  There were so many gorgeous feeders to choose from.  This is the one I picked out:
Hummingbird Feeder
Find it- and more feeders- here.
The glass is brightly colored in order to attract the little birds and it was really easy to fill up!  I think it looks so pretty in our backyard- a splash of color during the winter.
What makes this company even better?  They are a B corporation- that means they have to meet a whole slew of standards, including environmental impact and giving back to their community.  They also have a nifty voting system, where WE get to choose what items will be available for sale next!  (Check that out here.)
So the next time you’re in the market for a Valentine’s Day gift or shopping early for Mother’s Day- look no further.  The handmade products at Uncommon Goods make the perfect gift anytime.  Click here for more info!