Product Review

{Product Review} Three Brothers Bakery

Last week The BUB household received a delivery.  A fresh baked, glorious delivery from Three Brothers Bakery.
photo 1-13
I honestly just expected to receive a couple cookies and the bread, but this thing was stocked full of soft, delicious cookies.
photo 2-15
Skeeter and I started away immediately on the rainbow and sprinkle cookies, while Mr. BUB quickly staked claim on the Gingerbread Men.  I’m told they’re the Gingerbread men were the “best cookies ever,” but since I literally only got one bite, I can’t confirm that myself.
Skeeter Cookie
Skeeter has started coming home from daycare and immediately asking for a cookie.  And then I give her one.  And then I get one myself, because…we. just. can’t. stop.
As for the bread, I wish we could always have fresh bread like this in our house.  In fact, we’ve already discussed placing another order.  So, pretty much, if you’re in Houston, make way to their storefront now.  If you’re not, get yourself over to their website and place an order now!