Baby The Voice

Paternity Test?

So in last week’s Life With the BUB’s post, we discussed Skeeter’s strawberry blonde hair.  Specifically the fact that the red hair indicates Usher probably isn’t her father.  You know, it’s the dominant and recessive gene thing.  And it all made sense.  Until this weekend…
My father in law added this picture of Skeeter playing with her cousin Tater at the beach house.  Aren’t they the cutest?  At the first glance all I thought was “There are the two cutest toddlers on the face of the earth.”
Tater Skeeter
And then I saw it.  And all of a sudden, everything I learned in science classes was called in question.
Usher Leg
I mean, is the leg more dominant than the pale skin and strawberry blonde hair?  I’ll probably have to consult with the top scientists in the country.  Anyone have Temperence Brennan’s digits?
…let’s not discuss this with Mr. BUB, k?