Not only is Tara a good friend of mine, she’s also the reason I started blogging.
And she was a huge help when I started this little blog.
So, I’m all for this drive to get her to 1000 followers.
No one deserves it more.
Plus, I want a unicorn.

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Six months.  He’d be gone, on the other side of the world, for six months.
The second I left work, I couldn’t fight the tears any longer.  I bawled the entire way home.
In hindsight, I know this is nothing compared to the life of a military wife.  But at the time, it seemed like the end of the world.
The next morning, the agent called again.  There were some issues with the team, and they weren’t able to send Mr. BUB’s plane ticket that day.  He should plan to fly out the next day instead.
This continued for a week, before the deal fell through altogether.  The agent immediately started looking for other opportunities, and kept me on a roller coaster of emotions for a while.  And finally a deal stuck.
He was set to go play basketball for the Nicaraguan national team.  South America would definitely be an adventure, and he was up for it.  And his contract would only be for 6 weeks, so I was taking this news better.
It still didn’t stop me from clinging to him as I dropped him off at the airport.  Or from sobbing the entire way home.
…to be continued.


Here are the details to join in:
Post your own Eff/Marry/Kill list!   
{See my post here for details and an example.}
List who you would choose & why.
Link up.
Visit links on the list and give your answers!
Here are my celebs:

We watched Ocean’s 13 last weekend, so I had these three on my mind.

I would make babies with Brad Pitt, because- seriously.  He’s Brad Pitt.  And he probably wouldn’t notice a couple extra kids running around.
I would marry Matt Damon, because I also watched the Bourne Ultimatum last weekend.  Hello gorgeous.
I’m sorry George.  I love you, I really do.  But your womanizing has gotten a little old…

Who would you choose?


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The fabulous newlywed Michelle at The Vintage Apple and I are hosting a new linkup!
This is a one time linkup and it will take place one week from today!
So mark your calendars!
Thursday, October 27!
Here are the details to join in:
Post your own Eff/Marry/Kill list!   
{See my post here for details and an example.}
List who you would choose & why.
Link up.
Visit links on the list and give your answers!
Easy, right?!
If you have any questions, leave a comment on this post!

This day in history…
In 1781, British General Cornwallis surrendered 8,000 soldiers to the Americans, effectively ending the American Revolution.
In 1812, French troops under Napolean began their retreat from Moscow.
In 1960, the United States imposed an embargo on goods exported to Cuba.
In 1983, Mr. BUB was born.
He’s a bit of a history buff, so I figured he’d enjoy the trivia.
Wishing my baby daddy a happy birthday!

I’m interrupting this week’s regularly scheduled Storytime post to share some BUB news:
I’m knocked up.
Yep, there’s a baby in there.
Please tell me someone watches Up All Night & just got that reference.
I figure this is news about me and Mr. BUB, so you’ll forgive me for skipping the normal post, right?
So, what this means…
  • Last August, I told Mr. BUB “Either you let me take Christmas pictures or I’m getting pregnant.  You can’t deny me maternity pictures.”  Now, Mr. BUB knows I mean business.
  • I don’t intend to become a mommy blogger.  I doubt I’ll do the weekly progress posts.  Unless the fruit they’re comparing the baby to is funny.  Like this week- it’s a kumquat.  Seriously.  Have you ever seen a kumquat in person?  Me either.
  • I’m due in May.  So Beyonce’s baby is due two months before Baby BUB.  Obviously there will be play dates.  Have your people call my people, B.
  • The number of times I’ve asked “How am I supposed to deal with people if I can’t drink sangria?  Seriously?”  = 4 (which, in my opinion, is pretty low.)
  • The number of times I’ve thought “Oh my gosh, my baby will have to go to college someday!” and burst into tears = 1 (thank you hormones.)
All silliness aside, we’re thrilled.
And I’m excited that we’ve made the announcement.
Now I can finally create a “Baby” board on Pinterest without raising questions!

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I said yes.
He moved back to campus the second half of summer to take a class.  We passed the days laying by the pool, hanging out with the few friends who’d stayed for the summer, and trips to the Hill Country.
Fall came around and classes started back full time.  Stress from classes, friends, and our respective exes finally got to us.  We argued about everything and it was clear we were both becoming miserable.
One evening, he came over to my apartment.  We’d bickered earlier in the day and I was fed up.
I asked him point blank “Are you happy?
Mr. BUB seemed taken off guard, “with what?
Me.  You.  Us.
Then what do you suggest?
We need to break up.
…to be continued.

{Read Part 1 here.}
I froze.  Frantic thoughts raced through my head, “Oh my gosh.  Mr. BUB & P are sitting in my living room.  Oh my gosh, I’m wearing a towel.  Oh my gosh, there’s mascara running down my face!
I think I actually muttered the words “Oh my gosh” as I quickly moved towards my bedroom.  Once inside, I locked the door and silently cursed.  Then I decided I would never talk to either of them again.  Not that “Oh my gosh” was really a conversation.  There was just no coming back from that embarrassing moment.
I waited until I was sure they’d left before I made my way to class that morning.  And I tried to put the memory, and my burning cheeks, behind me.
A couple days later, I got back to the apartment after work.  I walked past my roommate’s bedroom, and there they are again.  “At least I’m clothed this time,” I sighed.  As I tried to sneak past, my roommate called me to the room to formally introduce me and the basketball stars.  I quickly said my hellos and retreated to my room.
Later, the roommate found me and asked, “Did you know Mr. BUB broke his face?!”
“He broke his what?!”
“His face!  They had to completely rebuild it last fall!”
“What did he look like before?!”
“Pretty much the same.  But isn’t it crazy?”
The conversation ended and I spent the evening perplexed by the broken face story, yet still committed to my vow to never speak to him again.
to be continued…

I love good makeup.
And I love Mary Kay.
They have the best eye liner.  And I love their lipsticks!
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Holiday scented hand cream & lip balm?  Yes, please!
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So I received an official complaint about my blog.
I have to give it to him, though- it wasn’t anonymous.
Not at all.
It was actually Mr. BUB.
Boo Mr. BUB.
Okay, so he was kinda right.
He said that I haven’t been writing much lately.  My posts have been fluffy.
So I, BUB, AKA Heather, AKA Mrs. Mr. BUB, hereby promise to do better.
And to start off on the right foot, I’m sharing a story about Mr. BUB.
Not because I hold a grudge against his complaint.
No, not me.
Just because I like to tell stories about him.
Plus, someone asked how we met.

I transferred to Houston Baptist in 2004 recently single.  I joined a sorority & dated my fair share of guys, but nothing serious.  I’d seen Mr. BUB around campus many times.  He was 6’9″ and the basketball star- couldn’t really miss him.  But since he was often with a different girl each siting, I never showed any interest in him.  I was far too busy for a womanizer.

Spring semester came around and I started the day just like any other- hit the gym, and returned to my apartment for a quick shower before class.  Like any good sorority girl, I had applied my makeup before the gym, so the shower left mascara running down my face in a very creepy way.

No one was ever home at this time, so I grabbed a towel, wrapped it around me, and walked through the living area to my bedroom.  Except, this time, someone was home.

My roommate still swears to this day that she knocked on the bathroom door and informed me of her presence.  I still don’t believe her.

Because sitting in my living room, staring at me like I was a character straight out of the movie The Ring, were Mr. BUB & another one of the basketball players.

to be continued…