NICU Reunion

Last weekend, we had the privilege of attending the NICU Reunion for the Texas Women’s Hospital.  All of the NICU graduates were invited and it was held at the Children’s Museum of Houston.  I hadn’t been to the Children’s Museum since I was a kiddo myself, so I wasn’t sure what to expect…and I was totally blown away!  I think Mr. BUB had almost as much fun as Skeeter.
But seriously, this child has never had more fun in her life!
NICU Reunion 2
Cooking dinner in the Tot Spot

NICU Reunion 3

Taking a break from running around.

NICU Reunion

There was a room with mirrors, both normal and fun house style.

NICU Reunion 4

So many toys!
Have I mentioned before that Skeeter is running now?  As in, one minute she’s peacefully eating her pb&j, and the next minute, she’s thrown it on the ground and speeding across the Museum to play again?  Yeah, her momma LOVES this.  Haha.
Overall, not only did Skeeter have a wonderful time, but it was wonderful to see so many other healthy NICU graduates.  While we didn’t get to see any of the parents or children in the NICU at the same time as us or Skeeter’s NICU doctors, we definitely call the event a success!  And we will definitely be there next year.