Well it’s that time!!  We’re moving into our new house this weekend!
What this means…
  • My commute will be cut in half.  I’m so excited for that!
  • I may or may not have internet for a few days.  Book Club Fridays are scheduled for the next month, so plan on linking up like normal!  My regular posts may be sporadic for next week, so just bare with me.
  • I’ll have plenty home remodeling and decor posts soon!  We’re redoing floors, a little paint and fences at the new house.  I’m really excited to share that progress.
  • We have a contract on our old house!!!  God really answered our prayers on that, because the timing couldn’t have been more perfect.  The new owners close June 27th so we have a couple weeks to finish moving.
  • …we need help!  Anyone want to come help us move?  No, but seriously…heathersig