Life With the BUBs

Mr. BUB:  You never cuddle me.
Me:  I could cuddle you now.
Mr. BUB:  Yeah right.
Me:  No, I could.
Mr. BUB:  Okay!
Me:  …are you coming over here?
Mr. BUB:  No, you have to be big spoon.
Me:  No, YOU have to be big spoon.
Mr. BUB:  Ugh.  Fine.
{In Trouble}
Mr. BUB:  Wahhhhh…
Me:  You’d better hush.  You don’t get Skeeter privileges.
Mr. BUB:  WHAT?!
Me:  As in, she can cry without getting in trouble.  You can’t.
Mr. BUB:  Oh, okay…
Me:  Did you think I was taking your child away for that?!
Mr. BUB:  Well, I thought it was a little harsh…

{Skeeter throwing a fit in NICU}
Skeeter’s Doctor:  Is that your child making all that noise?
Mr. BUB:  Of course.
Skeeter’s Doctor:  I’m sure glad she’s not going home with me.  She’s cute, but she sure is loud!
Mr. BUB:  You can’t have her anyway!

{Pregnancy Swelling- Reversed}
Me:  Guess what?!
Mr. BUB:  What?
Me:  I got my rings back on!
Mr. BUB:  That’s good- just make sure they don’t get stuck.
Me:  …yeah…that’s a good idea…
Mr. BUB:  They’re stuck, aren’t they?
Me:  Well, I wouldn’t use the word ‘stuck’…