Funnies Husband

Life With the BUBs (part 4)

{Pregnancy Brain}
Me: I didn’t know you’d be here today.
Mr. BUB: I told you that yesterday.
Me: Really?
Mr. BUB:  Yes, right after we talked about the cop thing
Me: What cop thing?
Mr. BUB: Did yesterday just not happen for you?
{Pregnancy Smell, part 2}
Mr. BUB: You smell pregnant again.
Me: Okay, please explain this.
Mr. BUB: Pregnant smells like flowers, baby powder…and a little stinky…
Me: What?!

{Meeting blog friends}
Mr. BUB: So if I meet your blog friends, will the Mr. BUB mystery be affected?
Me:  Well, I imagine you’ll just have to be as funny as you are on the blog.
Mr. BUB: hmm..
Me:  The pressure’s on.
Mr. BUB: Ha.  What pressure?  I’m always awesome.

Mr. BUB:  I’m so glad we’re having a little girl of our own.
Me: Me too.  She’ll be a cutie.
Mr. BUB: Yep.  She’ll be tall, beautiful, and she’ll know how to punch boys right in the nads, so they’ll cry if they try anything with her.