Funnies Husband

Life With the BUBs (Part 2)

{Girl Scout Cookies}

Me: P is selling Girl Scout Cookies.  Do you want any for yourself?
Mr. BUB: Just order a couple boxes of Thin Mints for us.
Me: A couple?
Mr. BUB:  Okay, five boxes.
Me:  Do you know how many I bought last year?
Mr. BUB: More than five?
Me:  Obviously!

{Pregnancy Hormones}

Mr. BUB: You’re going to bed in a few minutes.  Is it okay if I play Call of Duty?
Me (bursting into tears): Fine.  Go play your game.
Mr. BUB:  What’s wrong?
Me:  Nothing.  I hope you enjoy it.  I’m setting it on fire tomorrow.


Me: X just announced his wife’s weight in the office.  For the record, if you ever do that, you will need that shotgun for self defense.

Speaking of the shotgun…

I snapped this picture of Mr. BUB over New Year’s.
It’s his way of preparing for the arrival of our little girl.
…and for the record, I’m sane enough to not actually set his Xbox on fire.  Obviously, that would require lighter fluid, which probably isn’t safe during pregnancy.  After the baby’s here, we’ll see…