Life With the BUBs

Mr. BUB:  I think Skeeter has gas.  You should probably get her drops.
Me:  Oh yeah?
Mr. BUB:  (passes gas)
Me:  OH my gosh, that’s awful!
Mr. BUB:  You may need to change her diaper.
Me:  Did you seriously just pass gas and blame it on your child?
Mr. BUB:  Why do you say ‘pass gas’?  Why don’t you say ‘fart’?
Me:  I don’t like that word.
Mr. BUB:  Do you have PFSD?  It’s like PTSD, but Post Fart Stress Disorder.
{Playing COD}
Mr. BUB:  I guess my microphone is broken. I’m saying awesome shit and no one is saying anything.
{Returning to Work/Ugly Cry}
Me:  Fair warning- I’m going to be weepy tonight.
Mr. BUB:  Don’t show Skeeter your crying face.  She doesn’t need that trauma this early in life.
{Mr. BUB’s Guilty Pleasure}
Mr. BUB:  I will not be shamed by this. I love Cher.

Sidenote: There will be more about Mr. BUB’s guilty pleasure next week.  And believe me, it’ll be worth reading.