Hi, my name is Heather and I’m a newly re-addicted iPhone addict.  Isn’t she purdy?




Unfortunately, she took a little while to come in and in the meantime I faced some behavioral issues with my Droid in the meantime.
The problem is that ever since I ordered the iPhone, my current phone, the Droid, has decided it hates me.  It started with minor things like it freezing or acting glitchy.  But then, it refused to work anytime I googled “iPhone 5S.”  I started making jokes to Mr. BUB that I offended my Droid and it’s boycotting me.
But then ol’ Droid kicked it up a notch.  It started answering phone calls without my knowledge.  In fact, it doesn’t even ring, answers the phone, and whoever is calling me hears whatever conservation I’m holding, song I’m singing in the car, or whatever else is going on.  We all know I’m already paranoid about that.

BUT- then Droid went beyond kicking it up a notch.  It kicked it up a credit card charge.  No really.  I unlocked my phone to make a phone call to find a Zulily purchase confirmation screen.  I frequently put items in my basket while I debate whether to purchase them.  Droid decided that Skeeter needed that sweater.

And actually, I agree.  But that’s not the point.