I May Have a Problem…

So it’s no secret that I’m a little in love with JJ Watt.
I mean, my child says “Go JJ!” anytime football is on the TV-and that doesn’t mean just the Texans.
But the other day, I was just driving down the highway, headed for JJ’s stomping grounds (Houston) and I’m passed by a pick up truck.  This is Texas, so being passed by a pick up truck isn’t normally a big deal.  Except this one had license plates that said “GotWatt”.  I mean, that obviously means it’s JJ, right?
Now, I’ll let you guess what happened next:
A.  I thought rationally, “I’m a married woman and this is ridiculous.” and let him go on by.
B.  I caught up with him, and explained that he needed to stop following me- it was making him look desperate.
C.  Panicked and thought “Omg, I need to catch up to him!  But what would I say if I caught him?!  I’ve cleared prepared myself poorly for this event.”
C.  The answer is C.  
But then, a very important detail popped out at me.  The truck that passed me was a Chevy.  We all know JJ is sponsored by Ford.  So it wasn’t him in the truck.
But clearly, I need to come up with a better game plan in case I really do ever run into him.