Baby Product Review

I Like Big Bows…

…and I cannot lie.
Oh, as if you weren’t singing it too.
Disclaimer:  This is my legal mumbo jumbo about how I didn’t receive monetary compensation for this post.  I did receive hairbows though.  Freaking cute hairbows.  And they were in return for my honest, unbiased review.  Return to the regular post now, k?
So.  Skeeter likes hair bows.  Like, a lot.  The only thing that really trumps hair bows are shoes.  And it’s a really close race.
So when I was contacted by The Hairbow Company, I was like, “heck yes!”  I spent a few minutes perusing their website and questioned how I’d ever lived without them before.  Super adorable bows + insanely good prices.
I expected just a couple bows in the mail to try out.  I was blown away when Skeeter received all this swag:
Hairbow Company
Beautiful pieces and great quality!
Obviously, I got to work dressing Skeeter up and playing photographer.
Hairbow 1 WM
These leggings are going to be a huge hit when tailgate season gets here!  Not to mention the Texas orange bows!
Hairbow 2 WM
This tutu and bow are the cutest things I’ve ever seen.  And they will make more appearances in pictures, I promise.
Hairbow 3 WM
Obviously, she had to cook dinner as soon as she got all fancied up.  That’s how her momma looks when making dinner, after all.
Hairbow 4 WM
Chevron.  Seriously.  Need I say more?
As if their prices aren’t low enough already, they decided to share a coupon code with my readers!
Code: blondeublonde
10% off
Valid now through 8/20/13
One time use per customer