{Skeeter} Me:  I can’t believe I made this… Mr. BUB:  I know she’s pretty awesome. Me:  I mean, all by myself. Mr. BUB:  I’m pretty sure I had a part in that… Me:  Yeah, a small part.  I did all the real work. {Arguing} Mr. BUB:  Dinner is really good. […]

{Gas} Mr. BUB:  I think Skeeter has gas.  You should probably get her drops. Me:  Oh yeah? Mr. BUB:  (passes gas) Me:  OH my gosh, that’s awful! Mr. BUB:  You may need to change her diaper. Me:  Did you seriously just pass gas and blame it on your child? Mr. BUB:  Why do you say […]

Mr. BUB and I have now been together almost 7 years.  And yet, he’s still surprised when my clean clothes lay in a pile on the closet floor.  Or on the bedroom floor…or on top of my dresser. Either way, my mess led to this conversastion: Mr. BUB:  You are […]

One of my biggest worries is that my phone will accidentally answer while I’m driving in the car, singing along to the radio or talking to myself.  And the fear (sort of) came true last week…  On my lunch break the other day, I talked to Mr. BUB on the […]

{Pregnancy Brain} Me: I didn’t know you’d be here today. Mr. BUB: I told you that yesterday. Me: Really? Mr. BUB:  Yes, right after we talked about the cop thing Me: What cop thing? Mr. BUB: Did yesterday just not happen for you? {Pregnancy Smell, part 2} Mr. BUB: You smell pregnant again. Me: Okay, please explain this. […]

{Talking to the bff} Me: Well, I haven’t set Mr. BUB’s Xbox on fire yet, so that’s good… Julie: His what?! Me:  His Xbox… Julie: Oh!  I thought you said ex-girlfriend. Me:  Well, I haven’t set her on fire either. Julie:  That’s good.  I hear there are no epidurals in prison. Me:  Excellent […]

{Girl Scout Cookies} Me: P is selling Girl Scout Cookies.  Do you want any for yourself? Mr. BUB: Just order a couple boxes of Thin Mints for us. Me: A couple? Mr. BUB:  Okay, five boxes. Me:  Do you know how many I bought last year? Mr. BUB: More than five? Me:  Obviously! {Pregnancy Hormones} Mr. […]

After I finished my Storytime series, I realized I left out a fun anecdote.  I’ve decided to go ahead and share it now.   One of my greatest joys in life is freaking Mr. BUB out.  Whether it’s jumping out from around a corner or just messing with his head, I love […]

This day in history… In 1781, British General Cornwallis surrendered 8,000 soldiers to the Americans, effectively ending the American Revolution. In 1812, French troops under Napolean began their retreat from Moscow. In 1960, the United States imposed an embargo on goods exported to Cuba. In 1983, Mr. BUB was born. He’s a bit […]