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How to Avoid Cracked Lips?

Charming lips are something that girls always dreamed of. “Sexy” lips attract the attention of the opposite person, whether male or female. That is what everyone wants but entails extremely difficult problems. How to have attractive smooth lips? How to avoid cracked lips? How to take care of lips properly? What color lipstick to choose, how to draw lips?

How to Avoid Cracked Lips?

Preferably choose a lipstick with high lip balm content

Every day, busy work life will make you feel lazy with sophisticated lip care procedures. However, there is no need to waste time on all sorts of lip balm and makeup. You can absolutely choose a lipstick that integrates many functions as best lipstick for dry lips. Just a lipstick with a high content of lip balm will help you care for lips and protect them effectively.

Currently, there are many lipstick brands that produce lipsticks with attractive advertising. However, not all products have a beautiful lip balm effect. It is because most manufacturers do not really pay attention to the combination of two functions: beauty and lip balm.

How to Avoid Cracked Lips?

Exfoliate to have beautiful lips

The chapped and flaky lips will make it look a lot thin and pale. You can exfoliate your lips with a mixture of brown sugar mixed with a little honey or olive oil. With this mixture and a toothbrush, you can exfoliate your beautiful lips quickly.

Take a brush to soak it in the mixture and rub gently on the lips to remove dead skin from the lips. In addition, you can combine massage exercises to stimulate blood circulation to the lips. By doing so, the lips will become rosy naturally. Do this only 1-2 times a week. After this step, you should apply a layer of lip mask with natural ingredients to moisturize the lips.

Use a lip balm with natural ingredients

A lip balm that contains natural ingredients is a natural lip treatment. The ingredients like Coconut oil, Gac oil, olive oil, etc. are all-natural that often used to produce lip balm for beautiful lips. Moreover, these natural ingredients increase blood circulation in the lips. At the same time, natural lip balm also contributes to moisturizing, limiting the condition of peeling lips.

In addition, lip balms contain natural ingredients that are free from lead and help reduce dark lips. Using lipsticks without lead is best for your health.

How to Avoid Cracked Lips?

If the lips are too thin, use lip gloss

If you have beautiful and thin lips, bright shades like pink or orange will be a treasure for you. Lip gloss has a youthful, sparkling color when reflecting light will make lips more plump and more attractive. Also, if your lips are a bit thin, avoid dark lipstick. This color will make your lips look thin and lack curvature.

Use a nude lip pencil to draw beautiful lips

Before applying lipstick, you should use a nude lip pencil to draw a beautiful contour around your lips. This step will help you create the perfect base and make lipstick more effective.

In addition, using a pencil of the same color or the same as lipstick to lip liner will help deceive the eyesight of sharper lips.

Use white eyeliner on lips

According to makeup experts, after finishing your lips, you should use white eyeliner to draw a soft stroke in the concave part of the upper lip and the lower lip line. This works to make the lips feel more beautiful and soft.

Sunscreen for lips

Sun is not only “No. 1 enemy” of the skin, but ultraviolet rays also cause deep, dry, chapped lips and form wrinkles on the lips.

Therefore, you need to apply sunscreen on lips, especially the women who go out for work. The women who are exposed to dusty, windy, and sunny environments cannot avoid using a sunscreen that contains SPF 50.

The procedure of applying sunscreen to lips is quite simple and similar to applying sunscreen to the face:

Before 20-30 minutes, when outdoors, use a small amount of sunscreen on lips. Now, spread evenly it across the lips and follow it with lip balm, lip liner, lipstick as usual. To be more effective, after 4 hours, you should rinse and reapply to avoid the maximum UV rays.

Apply a rich vitamin mask to reduce dry lips effectively

For the lips to become ruddy and prevent aging, it is impossible not to mention the sources of nutrients from Vitamins A, C, E. These nutrients are abundant in fruits such as papaya, bananas, pumpkin, lemon, mango and more. So by increasing your intake or using as lip masks made from these products will prevent aging and reduce dry lips.

In addition, according to the doctor’s advice, the omega 3 and omega 6 fats make the lips more radiant and fresh. Mackerel, salmon, and custard are the food that contains lots of omega 3 and 6 fatty acids.

Some ways to improve lips from natural masks, you should apply immediately

Papaya and honey lip mask: Clean and puree ripe papaya, then mix 1 tablespoon of papaya with 0.5 tablespoons of pure honey into a small bowl. Next, spread the mixture evenly on your lips and let it rest for 7-10 minutes. Now, rinse with water.

Sugar and honey lip mask: Put 1 teaspoon of sugar and honey in a bowl and then beat properly. Immediately afterward, use the index finger to cover the lips completely with the mixture for 5-7 minutes. Now, clean with water.

Clove or cinnamon oil mask: This method is very cheap and easy, you put one to two drops of clove or cinnamon oil on lip balm and apply for 1-2 minutes. Because these two oils are irritating to the lips, you should only use it once a week and for a short period of time. After 1 or 2 minutes, wash off with warm water.

Carrot or cucumber water mask: Grind these two fruits and mix with a little sugar-free yogurt. Make a paste and apply on lips for 8-10 minutes. Then clean with a warm towel. Do this procedure two times a week.

With these natural masks that provide vitamin E, we recommend you to use any of them regularly for four weeks to get the best result.

Drink a lot of water

Occupying 70% – 75% of body weight, water is an indispensable energy source of every human being. You should drink 2.5l water every day to improve health as well as improve your skin and lips.

If your body is dehydrated, in addition to causing fatigue, it also affects directly to your sensitive lips.

A special note, girls, need to avoid immediately is absolutely not to bite and lick lips in the winter. It reduces the rumble, increases cracking, and is a condition for more “dragging” wrinkles to your lips.

With just a few tips on lip care and makeup, you can help you achieve beautiful and seductive lips. Lip balm is essential to make lips beautiful, soft, and radiant. Don’t forget to apply some small tricks to get a perfect beauty!