Last Sunday was the H-town Blogger Hotties meetup. We met at J Blacks- a super chic restaurant in the Heights. The restaurant was really nice (and had yummy mimosas!). In it’s trendy style, it had some super loud music. Of course, this lead to interesting conversations, such as this one with my lovah Katie. […]

{Pregnancy Brain} Me: I didn’t know you’d be here today. Mr. BUB: I told you that yesterday. Me: Really? Mr. BUB:  Yes, right after we talked about the cop thing Me: What cop thing? Mr. BUB: Did yesterday just not happen for you? {Pregnancy Smell, part 2} Mr. BUB: You smell pregnant again. Me: Okay, please explain this. […]

{Talking to the bff} Me: Well, I haven’t set Mr. BUB’s Xbox on fire yet, so that’s good… Julie: His what?! Me:  His Xbox… Julie: Oh!  I thought you said ex-girlfriend. Me:  Well, I haven’t set her on fire either. Julie:  That’s good.  I hear there are no epidurals in prison. Me:  Excellent […]

{Girl Scout Cookies} Me: P is selling Girl Scout Cookies.  Do you want any for yourself? Mr. BUB: Just order a couple boxes of Thin Mints for us. Me: A couple? Mr. BUB:  Okay, five boxes. Me:  Do you know how many I bought last year? Mr. BUB: More than five? Me:  Obviously! {Pregnancy Hormones} Mr. […]