Everyone has fears.

But I’m not talking about the boogeyman.

Or emotional stuff.

I’m talking about the every day stuff.
Here are mine:
  • Roaches.  Ugh, I hate even typing the word.  They’re so disgusting.  When Hurricane Ike hit a few years back, my apartment became infested with them.  It was the scariest environment imaginable.  Name that movie.  Thank goodness for a husband (fiance at the time) that came to the rescue every time he found me sitting on the kitchen counter, holding the dog and crying.  Not joking.
  • Chalk.  Okay, now I know this seems a little weird.  I wouldn’t say I’m afraid of it.  But you couldn’t pay me to touch it.  I sat in the back of the college classrooms that didn’t have whiteboards, because it was all I could handle.  And this is why I didn’t become a teacher.
  • Velvet.  And micro suede.  Anything of that texture.  This is actually something only my hubby & family know about me.  I can’t touch it.  Mr. BUB actually found a gorgeous living room set a while back, but we couldn’t buy it because I wouldn’t ever sit on it.  Or touch it.
And there you have it.
The three things that you could use against me.
What are yours?