Baby Jail

So with Skeeter officially walking, a few changes had to be made around our house.  First, most of the boxes in the house were unpacked immediately.  I wasn’t totally sure what she’d be getting into if she opened one.
Second, I had Mr. BUB install a baby gate on her bedroom.  My plan was to let her play in her room and I could get things done around the house without worrying about where she was or what she was doing.  Someday I’ll stop making plans and thinking they’ll work with a toddler…
She seems to think it’s some sort of baby jail.
Baby Gate2
For the record, her shirt says “I’m a big SPLASH.”  Not a big sister.  So we’re clear.  No buns in this oven.
Baby Gate3
Someday she’s going to be a teenager and kill me for posting these pictures.
But so this doesn’t look like a completely unfair post…
Baby Gate1
She got revenge and locked me in her room.