One of my biggest worries is that my phone will accidentally answer while I’m driving in the car, singing along to the radio or talking to myself.  And the fear (sort of) came true last week… 

On my lunch break the other day, I talked to Mr. BUB on the phone.  I was out running errands, and when we were done, I think I pressed ‘end call’ and set my phone down in the car.  I proceeded to talk to myself, other drivers, and random people as I drove.  I stopped at a light and picked up my phone to check my to-do list.  It was then I noticed that my phone never hung up.

I did what any sane person would do in this situation.  Muttered ‘oh crap!‘ and hung it up as fast as I could.

Then I texted Mr. BUB.

Me: My phone didn’t hang up…weird.  I hope you didn’t hear me talking to myself.
Mr. BUB: What were you saying to yourself?
Me:  I don’t even know…that’s what worries me!
Mr. BUB:  Why were you talking to yourself?
Me:  I always do.
Mr. BUB: I never notice it much.
Me:  It’s when I’m alone.
Mr. BUB:  I talk to myself when I play video games.
Me:  I don’t think it’s considered talking to yourself when you’re yelling…

I spent the whole conversation cringing and waiting for him to admit he’d heard it all.  He never did.

All I can say is this- at least I wasn’t singing along to the radio.  That would have been much worse.