An Update…

Hi friends!
I know, I know.  Who’s this girl writing on BUB’s blog?  It’s me, I promise.  I know I went MIA last year but I’m slowly staging a comeback in the Book Review portion of my blog.  I may occasionally post updates about the familia, but Book Reviews on the regular will be back starting tomorrow (EEK!).

In the meantime, here’s what’s up:

  • First things first, the family is good!  I am not pregnant (that seems to be the most common reason bloggers disappear.  Not me.).  Mr. BUB is still really tall and Skeeter is still insanely adorable and a sassy pants.  Duke and Hank are doing well and we added a kitty named JJ.  You’re surprised by the name, I know.
  • I didn’t win the PowerBall.  That would’ve been a completely legitimate reason for me to fall off the blogosphere, but I didn’t.  My private island will have to wait.
  • Truth is, last year just kind of kicked my butt.  But I’m committed to making sure 2016 is better and I spend more time with my nose in a book, because that’s one thing that makes me really happy.
In case you couldn’t already tell, Book Club Friday is kaput as far as a linkup goes.  However, I am going to bring back book reviews.  I will absolutely accept author book review requests and I will review books I just plain liked.  But I am not committing to reviewing a book every Friday.  Those may pop up any day of the week, just depending on the author’s needs, my schedule, and the direction the wind blows.
If you’re reviewing a book on your blog, absolutely comment with the link!  Just because I’m removing the linky portion doesn’t mean you can’t share.  #BookNerdsUnite
That’s all for now- check back tomorrow for a review of an awesome book from a stellar author!