{According to Skeeter} Mommy & Daddy

I think life is so much fun now that Skeeter is able to talk and share what’s going on in her little toddler mind.  She makes us laugh every day with something new she’s come up with.
Last week, Skeeter and I were at the doctor’s office for her ear infection.  While waiting for the doctor to come into the room, she started looking through the basket of books & magazines.  She brought this over to me, pointed at the picture, and said “mommy?”
photo 1-2
Yes, baby.  That’s exactly how mommy looks when she wakes up in the morning.
Every evening, Skeeter likes to read.  We end up reading a couple favorites over and over.  Every time, without fail, if you ask where her daddy is, this is where she points:
photo 2-3
Mr. BUB takes particular issue with this, as the picture she points at bears more resemblance to Usher than to Mr. BUB.