Hi, I’m Heather.


I love curling up with a good book and a glass of sangria.  Besides her father, my daughter is the love of my life.  I fully own up to an addiction to Diet Dr. Pepper, but am unwilling to fix it.  I could watch Dirty Dancing all day, every day.  I have three furbabies and treat them like human babies.  I am shy, but also have a smart mouth.
It’s nice to meet you!

The BUB Family

We’re made up of me, Mr. BUB, and Skeeter.  We’re just your typical story of sorority girl meets basketball star.  She vows to never speak to him again.  They start dating, break up a few times, then get hitched.  A couple years later, their daughter (nicknamed) Skeeter, is born 8 weeks premature.

Mr. BUB is into all things related to basketball, guns, camo, and cook-offs.  Skeeter is into Minnie Mouse, Disney Princesses, and hair bows.  Our life is messy, chaotic, and absolutely wonderful.

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