I received a copy of this book in return for my honest, unbiased opinion.  

NOVELISTA GIRL is the follow up to Meredith Schorr’s BLOGGER GIRL, which I reviewed here in 2013.  NOVELISTA GIRL picks up where the last book left off with our favorite main character, Kimmie Long.  Since we last heard from her, Kimmie has fallen in love with Nicholas, the steamy attorney and has written her first manuscript, following her life long dream of becoming a published author.

The problem is that agents keep rejecting her manuscript, which obviously makes her doubt her dream.  And Nicholas has turned into a complete workaholic, leaving them no time together.  Oh, and Kimmie’s favorite frienemy, Hannah Marshak has shown up to offer her “assistance”…But can she be trusted?
Meredith Schorr once again knocked it out of the park.  I love how much I can relate to being a book loving blogger like Kimmie.  I could actually learn a thing or two from Kimmie’s book review procedures and schedule.  And I would definitely read Kimmie’s blog in my spare time.
Kimmie is just as hilarious and fun as she was in BLOGGER GIRL.  I think my cheeks were as red as Kimmie’s when there was an embarrassing incident involving The Beatles and magazine cut outs.  I probably laughed a little more than she did, though.
I was glad to see all of my favorite characters back for the sequel, even if that did have to include Daneen, the attorney we love to hate.  (And seriously, if you haven’t already read BLOGGER GIRL to get the dirt on Daneen, you should.  It’s seriously juicy.)
My only disappointment was in myself- I wish I’d re-read my review of BLOGGER GIRL before picking up NOVELISTA GIRL so I could remember that Meredith’s inspiration for Kimmie’s character was Isla Fischer.  I would’ve loved to picture Kimmie as Isla again, but that totally did not take away from the story at all.
In true Kimmie Long style, I’ll give this book 5 Pink Champagne Flutes!

Hi friends!
I know, I know.  Who’s this girl writing on BUB’s blog?  It’s me, I promise.  I know I went MIA last year but I’m slowly staging a comeback in the Book Review portion of my blog.  I may occasionally post updates about the familia, but Book Reviews on the regular will be back starting tomorrow (EEK!).

In the meantime, here’s what’s up:

  • First things first, the family is good!  I am not pregnant (that seems to be the most common reason bloggers disappear.  Not me.).  Mr. BUB is still really tall and Skeeter is still insanely adorable and a sassy pants.  Duke and Hank are doing well and we added a kitty named JJ.  You’re surprised by the name, I know.
  • I didn’t win the PowerBall.  That would’ve been a completely legitimate reason for me to fall off the blogosphere, but I didn’t.  My private island will have to wait.
  • Truth is, last year just kind of kicked my butt.  But I’m committed to making sure 2016 is better and I spend more time with my nose in a book, because that’s one thing that makes me really happy.
In case you couldn’t already tell, Book Club Friday is kaput as far as a linkup goes.  However, I am going to bring back book reviews.  I will absolutely accept author book review requests and I will review books I just plain liked.  But I am not committing to reviewing a book every Friday.  Those may pop up any day of the week, just depending on the author’s needs, my schedule, and the direction the wind blows.
If you’re reviewing a book on your blog, absolutely comment with the link!  Just because I’m removing the linky portion doesn’t mean you can’t share.  #BookNerdsUnite
That’s all for now- check back tomorrow for a review of an awesome book from a stellar author!