Friday, May 1, 2015

Book Club: The Lunar Chronicles

Hey guys and gals, it’s time for Book Club Friday! Woot woot! And better yet, today you get me, Jennie, as a guest host. You’re welcome! Haha! I’m an avid reader, just like Heather, so when she asked me to guest host, I was all:

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Today, I’m reviewing this little gem, which is the 3.5th book in The Lunar Chronicles. (Yes, it’s not the third but not quite the fourth. And for some reason, that made me like it more. Haha!) 

Writing a villain takes work. They can’t be all bad, because that'd be boring, but they can’t be too good either because…you know…they’re villains. And because fairy tales are often about a character overcoming obstacles put in place by villains, there’s little room for the bad guy's character development. Enter, FAIREST, the story behind Queen Levana--the antagonist who wants to take over Earth, at any cost.

In CINDER, we met the MC for the series, a space-y cyborg named Cinder. SCARLET continued Cinder's journey with a Little Head Riding Hood inspired tale, and CRESS borrowed from Rapunzel to bring the plot to its breaking point. The final book in the series, WINTER, is due out in the fall, but earlier this year, FAIREST was released. It's more of a prequel than an instalment though, which explains the numbering sequence. And in keeping with the theme of fairy tale retellings, FAIREST references the queen in Snow White: as in “who’s the fairest of them all?” 

(Side Comment: Does Marissa Meyer have a next-level imagination, or what? Like, how did she come up with these ideas? They're out of this world! Haha! Get it? Cause they're in space? #badjoke #sorrynotsorry Haha!)

Of course, I can’t recommend reading FAIREST unless you’ve read the rest of the series, because otherwise, you probably won’t give a hoot about ole Levana, but even if you’ve read one of the previous books, I think you’ll love it. Villains always have motivations, and it was great to see where Levana’s come from because she’s super evil and we never know why. Giving us Levana's story before the final book was utter brilliance, as far as I'm concerned. Now that I understand Levana's history, I'm even more invested in the outcome, both for Cinder and her crew, but also for Levana.  

Because it turns out that Levana’s not the emotionally crippled character I thought she was. Err, okay, actually she's quite the emotionally crippled character, but there are reasons. Pretty good ones, in fact. I hadn't expected to sympathize with a woman who commits truly horrendous acts, but by the end, I found that I did. So although FAIREST is on the shorter side, it's an engrossing, in-depth look at how Queen Levana became the baddest beyotch in the galaxy (which means you need to read it). 

So if you love fantasy retellings that blow your mind with their creativity, I can't recommend The Lunar Chronicles enough!

What have you read lately? Link up and share!

Thanks again to Heather, for letting me guest host! Hope you all have an awesome weekend!


Kathleen said...

100% agree with your review of Fairest. The Lunar Chronicles is one of my favorite book series. When I first heard about it I thought...ew sci-fi and fairy tales. I love fairy tales but sci-fi not so much. But then I actually read them and totally fell in love! :)

I can't wait to read Winter.

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