Friday, March 20, 2015

Book Club: Women Are Scary

Today is Book Club Friday!

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Here's what I'm reviewing:

Here's the synopsis:
When you show up at the park for the first time with your little ones spilling out of the van, scan the swing set for anyone you might recognize, and notice that all the other moms are already hanging out in pairs, you realize that your awkward adventure of finding mom friends has only just begun. Too many women are frazzled and lonely, isolated in their minivans while schlepping bags, strollers, and munchkins to and fro across town. It doesn t have to be this way.

In this hilarious yet thought-provoking guide to momlationships, blogger Melanie Dale uses a dating analogy to help women get more intentional about bonding with each other.

We are better together, she writes. We make each other better moms, better humans. We need each other, because mothering is just too darn hard. Moms will discover how to make sure their kids aren't the only ones having fun, develop lifelong friendships, share their burdens, and join together to impact communities around the world."

Here are my thoughts:

5 Stars.  Seriously.

We've all been there- new to parenthood and with few friends who also have kids.  As mothers, we need someone to relate to and someone (adult sized) to laugh with.  Of course, we have significant others, but there's something different about having a woman who really understands the exhaustion, stress, and utter joy of being a mommy.

Melanie Dell hits the nail on the head with her advice, stories and hilarity.  She's absolutely real- there's no sugarcoating the messes, the laundry and the literal poop.  Bonus?  She hasn't taken out a restraining order on me, despite my constant tweeting at her while reading this book.

Extra bonus?  The mulled wine recipe toward the end.

Read it.  You're welcome.

What are you currently reading??


Erica M said...

I'll have to check this one out! :)

Shoshanah said...

This sounds like a perfect book for me, especially now that I'm new to the parenting this. Will definitely need to lookout for it!

Brittney said...

That's it...I've got to read this!

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