Friday, January 23, 2015

Book Club: Office Politics

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This week I'm sharing:

Here's the synopsis:

Malaria is nothing a good dose of quinine can’t handle.

At least that’s what software training specialist Frannie Freeman thinks when her vile office manager Malia — aka Malaria — unexpectedly marries their boss Sam, with whom Frannie has been in love for years. Certain it’s only a matter of time before Sam comes to his senses, she hides her heartbreak behind sarcastic humor and copious amounts of tequila.

Exceptional at everything except romantic relationships, Frannie is still waiting two years later. When Sam suddenly confides that he believes he was roofied the night of his surprise Las Vegas wedding, it seems too good to be true. And it isn’t long before she realizes that’s exactly what it is.

A quick little divorce seems the ticket, but Malia’s father has other things in mind. Garland Harper is determined to stop his daughter’s downward spiral, and he isn’t afraid to use whatever means comes to hand — such as Sam’s “saving people” complex. And if that doesn’t work — as the CEO of the company for which they work, Harper has sufficient means to make good on his threat that if Sam reneges on his agreement to stay with Malia until she’s dry, the only bars Frannie will see for many years won’t be offering tequila.

Now, faced with letting Sam go forever or fighting for her heart’s desire, Frannie prepares for battle with a woman’s three best weapons — a loyal heart, a willingness to fight dirty, and the strongest margarita money can buy.

Here are my thoughts:

I had so many people review The Secret Dreams of Sarah Jane Quinn by Sharon Gerlach that I started to read it a couple weeks ago.  However, when I went to buy it, I noticed it was the second book in the two book series and Office Politics was the first.  Many reviews stated they'd only read the second book, but I just couldn't do it out of order.  I'll review Sarah Jane another week.

I loved Office Politics.  Honestly, the book's cover leads you to believe that it may be a little office romance smut, but it was so much more.  Frannie is hilarious and I couldn't get enough of her sarcasm and wit.  This book packed enough drama, humor and romance to keep me coming back for more.

What are you currently reading??


Russ R. said...

I find the plot very interesting and I added this to my list of 30 books to read in 2015. It looks like things are going to get ugly in Office Politics - I have to know what will happen 😊


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