Friday, October 31, 2014

Book Club!!

Today is Book Club Friday!

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This week I'm sharing:

Here's the synopsis:

Everyone has one. 
Some are bigger than others. 
And when secrets are revealed, 
Some will heal you ... 
And some will end you. 

Kate Sedgwick’s life has been anything but typical. She’s endured hardship and tragedy, but throughout it all she remains happy and optimistic (there’s a reason her best friend Gus calls her Bright Side). Kate is strong-willed, funny, smart, and musically gifted. She’s also never believed in love. So when Kate leaves San Diego to attend college in the small town of Grant, Minnesota, the last thing she expects is to fall in love with Keller Banks. 

They both feel it. 
But they each have a reason to fight it. 
They each have a secret. 

And when secrets are revealed, 
Some will heal you … 
And some will end you. 

Here are my thoughts:

So I picked this book up on recommendation from Colleen Hoover herself.  In hindsight, I KNEW Colleen likes making people cry.  I KNEW there was a Facebook support group for those who've read this book.  But, oh my goodness, I wasn't prepared.

It's hard to explain how this one hit me so hard.  I definitely saw the big secret coming.  It was like watching something fly straight at my face and being completely incapable of stopping it from knocking me over.

In the end, I'm just very glad that Part #2 of this book is being released in 2015.  That said, there is no major cliffhanger.  This book can stand on it's own, so there's no need to wait until 2015 to read this one.  But it will leave you wanting more.

What are you currently reading??


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