Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Real Life: Book Nerd

What is this?!  A post that isn't Book Club Friday?  I know, crazy, right?  Life has been absolutely crazy in a good way lately.  

No, I'm not pregnant.  I know the typical reason for being absent on the blog is because you're with child.  But I'm not.  I do have that toddler still though.

Last night, my BFF Tara and I got to meet the fabulous Jamie McGuire!

She signed my hardback copy of her latest book, Beautiful Oblivion, and answered questions.  Of course, I forgot the only question I had until later, but oh well!  She couldn't have been more sweet.

I have an official Book Club Friday review of Beautiful Oblivion coming soon, but until then I'll say this: READ IT.


Kristine said...

Ahhh Tara... As in my girl from fabulous but evil?! Love it!

Miss Chelsea said...


Myra said...

Ughhhhh. So jealous! Apparently Colleen Hoover is coming to Manila next year. You know that absolutely means that you & Tara HAVE to take a trip out here now, right? Tell Mr. BUB & J to start working on y'alls tickets ASAP!!!!! <3

Myra said...
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Myra said...
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