Thursday, May 1, 2014

Life With the BUBs

I don't do the normal age updates on here with Skeeter, and I'm not now.  But this is seriously my favorite age thus far.  She's so strong willed it scares me sometimes, but then she turns into the sweetest child I've ever seen.  She's just so much fun.  And I have to share some of her quotes lately.

{I got dressed one morning, then went to get her out of bed.}
Skeeter:  Oh, mommy...Your hair.  I fix it.
Me:  What's wrong with my hair?
Skeeter: {Trying to put bows in my hair}

{Same day, when I dropped her at daycare.}
Skeeter (clearly disappointed): Oh...your hair...

...for the record, I haven't styled my hair that way again.

{Hugging Grandpa goodbye when we were leaving to go home.}
FIL:  Bye Skeeter, love you.
Skeeter: Gumpa, no touching the hiney!
FIL: Well, that's how fights get started.

{We took her kitty to the vet last week.  I dropped her at daycare first.}
Skeeter:  Bye, kitty!  I loooveeee youuuu!  See you later.  I pick you up at da vet this ebenin.

And just because, I'll share this convo with me and the mister.  For the record, I'm not pregnant.  But I think baby names are very important.  So clearly, we cannot have anymore children, because this is how most of our baby name conversations have gone recently:

And I obviously didn't share my girl name suggestion on the off chance that I wear him down on this issue...


Nikki said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA LOVE the name conversation!

Kristine said...

Elsa Gus Gus gets my vote. When I meet someone named Gus, he is only referred to as gus Gus

Melissa Fecher said...

Hahahahaha!!!! Elsa Gus Gus McCain is the best answer ever :D

Kenzie Smith said...

All of those conversations are too funny :D

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

HAHA! She is awesome!

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