Friday, May 16, 2014

Book Club!!

I received a copy of this book in return for my honest, unbiased review.  I received no compensation in any form.

Today is Book Club Friday!

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You can write about any book you want.

This week I'm sharing:

Here is the synopsis:
A series of intimate stories told by everyday people from all over the state of Texas, about what they believe in and why. Their highly personalized stories discuss not only such issues as the existence of heaven and hell, validity of the Bible, alternative religions, spirituality and life after death, but also chronicle sometimes gut-wrenching life events that helped develop a wide variety of belief systems, some conventional and some not-so-conventional. Anyone interested in spiritual issues, or searching for meaning in their lives will find something in this book with which they can identify and relate.

Here are my thoughts:

This book immediately drew me in with the story of World War II veteran, John Short- and not just because he's from my hometown.  He vividly describes how he and other American troops escaped an impossible situation behind German lines in the Battle of the Bulge.  Hearing in his words how he was affected at that time, and how the experience affected his spiritual beliefs was incredible.

The book moves on to let 26 other Texans tell their stories- some Christian, some not...and a couple that had me scratching my head.  Some were secure in their beliefs, others were still struggling.  But overall, I really enjoyed hearing a little about each of their lives and how they got where they are now.

I know those of you who link up every week are thinking this is not my normal genre of book on Book Club Friday.  But it's definitely worth a read- and today only it's free on Amazon!

What are you currently reading?


Katie said...

Definitely sounds different for you, but a good read! My husband would LOVE this one.

Erica SillySocks said...

That sounds really interesting. I'm heading over to Amazon to get it! :-)

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