Tuesday, March 18, 2014


So...we knew this day would come eventually.  But we certainly didn't expect it to happen before Skeeter turned two.  Her daddy is...well, not happy.  At all.  Her mommy?  Well, I think its freaking hilarious.

We're actually not sure they're boyfriend and girlfriend, but Skeeter has a friend George (name changed) that she's been a little giddy over.  As in, "Oh, George!", covering her mouth, and giggling.  Yes, my toddler is quite the Southern Belle.

On his end, George is the first to tell Skeeter bye when I pick her up and he always comes to hug my legs.

To be honest, I think they're just being normal silly toddlers.  But I love freaking out Mr. BUB.

And it has led to some interesting conversations between me and the mister:

Me:  So...I think Skeeter has a boyfriend.  She was flirting with George.
Mr. BUB:  No.  This is not happening.

Mr. BUB:  Skeeter has been so cranky lately.  She's not happy around me at all.
Me:  Maybe you should ask her about George.  She was all happy talking about him earlier.
Mr. BUB:  We are not encouraging this.

Mr. BUB:  I don't even remember her introducing George at the Valentine's Party.
Me: He was there.  They evidently weren't very serious then.
Mr. BUB:  I may need to have a talk with George.

I wonder if I should check prices at Disney's Wedding Pavilion?  Skeeter would probably love to have Minnie Mouse as a bridesmaid...


Jo said...

That is so funny!

thenerdykatie said...

I love her, she cracks me up!

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