Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Open Letters

To the lady who gave me a dirty look at the Houston Zoo:
I'm PMSy, my screaming toddler just slapped me in the face, and I saw the look you gave me.  Say something, I dare you.

To the toddler:
I will always love you, even if you did slap me.  Now, lets get those teeth broken through so your temper evens out again, k?

To Mother Nature:
You're two-for-two with the whole "I'm going to give you PMS and make your toddler teethe at the same time."  Pull that again and I will hunt you down.

To the Houston Zoo:
Have you ever considered having babysitters on staff so when the toddler melts down, the rest of us can enjoy the zoo?  Or at least selling benedryl in the gift shop so she can sleep while we enjoy it?

To MyFitnessPal.com:
I can't find anything under "cardio" that covers carrying a flailing toddler out of the zoo to our car.  Can you fix that, please?


Okay, so the zoo trip wasn't a complete waste.  We did have some fun.  I am glad we signed up for the membership, so we can go back anytime  now.


Belle Vierge said...

I love the zoo! The bf and I have a local zoo membership. We were in Houston about 1 1/2 years ago for the bf's business trip. We had a BLAST at the Houston Zoo. We lucked out that it was Boo at the Zoo, so all the kids were busy with the kiddie stuff and not in our way. Plus the animals all had pumpkins in their cages, and the animals LOVED those pumpkins. We've never had a zoo trip with that many active animals.

Not gonna lie, going to the zoo sometimes makes us rethink our decision to have kids one day. There's something about the zoo that makes kids go crazy.

Kristine said...

Picturing skeeter slap you in the face makes me laugh a little too much... I hope that's not karma for when I have a kid :/ haha.

Allison said...

They need a MyFitnessPal for Moms. Half of my activities are not listed. 1. Carrying children
2. bending down and picking up toys only to pick them up again 5 minutes later
3. trying to cook dinner, talk on the phone, break up a fight and let the dog out all at once
4. carrying a purse, pushing a stroller and chasing a toddler while not spilling your Diet Coke

Myra said...

Lol, I'm dead.

I will be your pretend babysitter and take Skeeter to the zoo when I'm home. Just as a precaution, I'll bring Benadryl if needed :)


Shelley said...

Oh man, carrying a flailing screaming toddler is the worst. It's even harder when you're pregnant!

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

Well from the photos it looked like you had a great time!

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