Thursday, January 16, 2014

Life With the BUBs

Mr. BUB busted his nose while siting in his gun.
Mr. BUB: People keep asking about my nose.  It's embarassing.
Me:  You should make up a better story.  Tell them you and JJ Watt got into a fight over me.
Mr. BUB:  Well, my nose is still ON my face, so I'm not sure they'll buy that.

Mr. BUB hit his head and didn't want to use bad language in front of Skeeter.
Me:  Laughing so hard I'm crying.
Skeeter:  Also laughing.
Mr. BUB:  So glad my girls don't laugh at my pain.
Me: {Still laughing}  Sugarplum fairies!

Skeeter was having trouble getting a puzzle off the rack.
Skeeter: Stuck!
Mr. BUB: Get low and pull it out, baby.
Mr. BUB (to me): Do not ever tell my child to get low.

And, because she's ridiculously adorable, here are a couple bonus quotes from Skeeter:

Skeeter:  Stinky!
Me:  What's stinky?
Skeeter: Daddy!
Me:  Daddy's stinky?
Skeeter: Stinky Daddy!

She walked into the bathroom right as Mr. BUB exited the shower.
Skeeter (covering her eyes): Ahhhhh, Daddy!!!

I came in one morning to wake her up.
Skeeter: Nooooo!  Not nice, momma.

I feel ya', baby.  I really do.


Nikki said...

Ha! Stinky Daddy! Too funny!

Meg O. said...

You guys are the funniest ever. Sugar Plum

Amber said...

DYING. Sugarplum Fairies! Totally saying that next time I feel the urge to swear. And sooo hilarious 'don't ever tell my child to get low' hahahah

Meghan said...

My dad's been hunting ever since he was probably 5, so the last 44 years or so & yet, every year without fail, he gets bit by his scope. This year, he decided he was going to take a selfie and post it on facebook of his scope bite. & because he's technologically challenged, he had to have me post it for him. #headdesk

Kenzie S said...

These are hilarious! Skeeter is too funny too :D

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

These conversations are too funny!

thenerdykatie said...

Y'all seriously crack me up!

jennie said...

Sugarplum fairies!! HAHAHA!!! Excellent improv. One of the best ever, I think!

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