Monday, December 16, 2013

Holiday Book Swap Link Up!

Happy Monday, y'all!  

I couldn't imagine a better weekend- Christmas tree lit, fire in the fireplace, and a good book on my Kindle.

So what better time to share the books you scored in the Holiday Book Swap??

So I have a bit of a confession--
I was the one who set up the partners for the swap.
And I did it late one evening.
And in my sleepy stupor...
I didn't give myself a partner.

So, I've decided I'll choose a random person who links up today and send them a bonus book.  How's that sound?

So link up now and share your goodies!!



Angela Wiebe said...

I am sorry I linked up twice. Victoria kindly gifted me two books!!

Amber said...

You're so sweet to send a book to a random linker upper!!! <3

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