Thursday, December 5, 2013

Chasing Ducks

I went on my first date when I was 15- a year before my parents said I'd be allowed to.  But they made an exception and let me go on a double date with one of my close friends.  We went to the movies, then to a park nearby that had a duck pond.  We goofed off, played on the swings, and then walked over to the pier.  I thought that maybe I would get my first kiss once we made it to the pier (I was 15 and a hopeless romantic), but instead my date turned and started chasing the ducks.  I mean, literally, running around the park like a maniac, chasing the ducks that live in the pond.

I know that this sounds like a completely random story, but I actually have a reason for sharing this story.  I was thinking this weekend about how things have come full circle.  I'm now 29 (and holding) and I live right around the corner from that same exact pond.  My daughter asks to feed those ducks (I'm sure the grand-ducks of the ones my date chased) on a daily basis.

Last weekend, Skeeter asked if we could go see the ducks.  Mr. BUB and I are always up for a visit to the park, so we grabbed a loaf of bread, loaded Skeeter in her jogging stroller and walked to the park.  I've noticed lately the ducks have gotten a little more pushy when we're around.  I think it's probably because we always show up with bread in tow.

This is from a different trek to feed the ducks.
 I usually give Skeeter a piece of bread to throw, but she usually just holds it and laughs and squeals while we toss bread to the ducks and geese.  But this time a duck got really close, and tried to steal the bread out of her hand.  And he bit my child.

Now, mind you, she's fine.  Her finger turned red and she shed a few tears, but she was alright by the time we walked to the slides.  She even asked to go back to the park the next day to feed ducks again and didn't seem the least bit scared.

But her momma on the other hand- now sees the point of chasing ducks.  Specifically, chasing them and swearing I'll have them for Christmas dinner if they ever bite my child again.

We've already returned to the park to feed the ducks without incident.  And that duck has not (and will not) make it to my dinner table.  But I sure will chase those ducks away if they get too close!


Whitney H said...

Poor Skeeter!! This totally reminds me of my childhood. We would feed ducks all the time! And I'm still cracking up over here about "grand-ducks"... seriously. Way more than I should be.

jessica said...

Poor baby but it does make for a good story!! lol It's so awesome that y'all live so close to that park! On my first date with Ronnie, he took us to a park after dinner and we fed the ducks. I was totally swooning over how romantic it all was. haha

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