Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Tailgating With a Toddler (pt 2)

In September, I made my first post entitled Tailgating With a Toddler.  Due to the extreme heat that day (over 100 degrees!)  I came home with very few tips for fellow tailgating parents.  Luckily, this weekend was beautiful and we got to enjoy the full tailgating experience.

Seriously.  Boots and jeggings.  I die.

We left home after work Friday and drove straight to Austin.  Skeeter fell asleep in the car after a few (FIVE.  five.) episodes of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.  Someone is getting a new Mickey DVD from Santa this year.  Her parents can't handle this one any more.

We always stay in the FIL's motorhome, so we crashed pretty quickly after getting to Austin and awoke to everyone already setting up for a day full of fun.  

And by "everyone" I mean the college students who clearly started drinking at 5 a.m.  And who nearly got their butts whipped by Mrs. BUB.  Okay, they may have found Mr. BUB slightly more intimidating.  Either way, they won't throw a beer bottle again.

It was a pretty chilly morning, so Skeeter and I stayed in cozy jammies inside the motorhome until it warmed up a tad.

It was a pretty windy day, so forgive Skeeter's wild hair.  There was another toddler tailgating nearby, so Skeeter ran over to tell him hi more than once.  I joked that he's her boyfriend, but Mr. BUB didn't find it as funny as I did...

Speaking of running, tag teaming is definitely the way to go when watching a toddler anytime, but especially when in crowds.  Mr. BUB and I took turns walking running all over Austin with this little princess.

Okay, the key to keeping a toddler happy at a tailgate is pretty much the same as keeping her happy at the grocery store.  Or at a restaurant.  Or keeping her daddy happy anytime.  Snacks.  And as it turns out, Skeeter may need a spinach dip intervention.

Or...the key to keeping her momma happy.  Chocolate chip pancakes.  That's the good stuff.


Belle Vierge said...

Skeeter is SO CUTE! I'm pretty sure you could blog about her 24/7, and I would never get tired of it. She's a little fashionista too! I'm assuming she takes after her mom. ;)

Kristine said...

"It's the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse! Come inside, it's fun inside!" Ha, did that just get stuck in your head? ;)
I just want to cuddle skeeter! She's too freaking adorable! I used to tailgate like no one's business and drink like a fish, but nowadays, I can't hang! I'm almost ashamed.

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

It looks like she was having a blast!

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