Thursday, November 14, 2013

{Sponsor} Glasses USA

Glasses are a part of my everyday life.  I have worn prescription glasses since the second grade when my mother made the questionable decision to let me get an enormous purple pair that covered most of my face.  Luckily, my style choices have improved drastically since then.

I spend most of my days alternating between my contact lenses and the frames I received last year.  I've loved the frames I picked out- and I was never worried whether they'd look good in person, because I spent quite a bit of time trying on different eyeglasses frames using their awesome Virtual Mirror:

When you buy glasses from your doctor's office, you are able to try on the frames.  Glasses USA lets you do the same thing on their site- and you get their awesome prices!  In fact, Glasses USA offers a 110% lowest price guarantee- you won't find those prices at your local doctor's office!  Combine that with a 100% satisfaction guarantee and Glasses USA just can't be beat.

While I was wearing my beloved Glasses USA eyeglasses last weekend, my toddler sat on my face and cracked the frames.  Yes, you read that correctly.  She sat on my face.  I didn't even think twice about where my new pair would come from.  I'm already checking out new frames on their site!  And I'm secretly hoping they still carry the frame that just broke...

My lucky readers are in for a treat today!  

Glasses USA is offering a 10% discount on prescription glasses to my readers!
Use code: Blog10

This is a sponsored post.  All of my thoughts and words are my own and reviews are truthful.


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